1. Touchless Harvesting Recommended Hardware

  2. How does it work?

  3. Set up

  4. Buying hardware

  1. Ohaus Ranger 3000 (Or any other Ohaus scale with an RS232 port)

  2. Bluetooth Adapter + RS232 Extension Cable

  3. Shelving Rack

  4. Gooseneck Tablet Mount

  5. iPad Mini or Equivalent Android Tablet

Looks cool, how does it all work together

In the pictured setup, the rack (3) serves as scaffolding to raise the Ohaus Ranger 3000 scale (1) so that you can take advantage of the under-hang functionality. With the help of the gooseneck tablet mount (4), the mobile device (5) running Trym is attached to the rack and uses the camera to scan METRC tags. The mobile device and the scale are connected via bluetooth with the RS232 Bluetooth Adapter and an extension cable (2).

Once the scale and the bluetooth adapter are set up, you can start a harvest and not touch your mobile device again until you are done harvesting. At least one person is needed to "operate" the station, and they will need to scan the tags and ensure that weights are being recorded in the Trym app.

Check out this article for step-by-step instructions for Touchless Harvesting.

Setting it Up

Set up is pretty straight-forward, but not everyone is comfortable with technology or setting-up new tech. We've got your back either way. If you prefer to speak to someone to help with the set up just contact us via the in-app chat and we'll get you the help you need.

We have made this as accessible as possible, with the help of step-by-step instructions and videos to accompany them, so give it a whirl on your own and hit us up if you need any support.

Set up your Ohaus scale per the manufacturer's Instructions. Once set up,

  1. Enable the scale to auto-print. Instructions are available for the Ranger 3000. If you have a different model, please contact the support team and we will send you some instructions for your model.

  2. Have your scale sealed, registered, certified, and tested per your local government requirements. It's important to perform step 1 ahead of step 2 as it may not be possible to do so once the scale has been sealed.

  3. Once the scale has been returned to you go ahead and test the functionality. Connect the bluetooth adapter to your Ohaus scale. We've got instructions and a video for the Ranger 3000 here, but the information is transferable to other models too.

  4. Launch the Trym app on your Touchless Harvesting device, and connect to the scale. These instructions are universal for Android and Apple devices.

  5. Configure your Touchless Harvesting settings, and you should be ready to start harvesting.

  6. Check out these videos to start harvesting and learn more

Buying the Hardware

We've partnered with a hardware vendor so that you can easily source the majority of the hardware and not have to chase down obscure products.

Visit this portal to purchase the scale, bluetooth adapters, and an extension cable.

The rest of the products can be sourced individually and easily right now. Here are some quick links to make your life easier.

Tablet Options at Various Price Points

Note: We cannot test every tablet out there. If you are able and willing to spend more than $250 for this device, we strongly recommend going with an Apple product as Touchless Harvesting performs better on Apple's software and hardware. You don't want to sacrifice a few dollars for performance. Besides, you can recuperate the money in time saved in just a few harvests.

Widely available. Comes with 2GB of RAM and has a 4GB version available for $200. This would be our entry level recommendation.

Widely available. Comes with 3GB of RAM and a snapdragon processor.

Extra bits that may be useful

  • Power strip to mount to the rack and bring power outlets closer to the devices

  • Zip ties

  • Bucket / container for used tags

  • 8" S-Hook - give your plants more space from the bottom of the scale. Useful if you're cutting with a lot of stem below the first node.

  • Plastic tub to collect drops from hanging plants

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