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How to Create a Task in Trym Explore
How to Create a Task in Trym Explore
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Tasks in Explore are fully customizable tasks for the employees of your grow. You can setup Tasks for a variety of responsibilities during the lifecycle of your crop. You can also use Tasks to handle miscellaneous duties in your grow operation. Additionally, tasks created in the Explore interface can be set to have a recurrence, allowing you to plan out multiple weeks of your operation.

First, visit to get started in the Explore app. If this is your first time logging into Explore, you will use the same email and login you created on the Trym Grow app. The initial view of Explore will show you the Batches for your facilities.


Click on the Tasks icon on the left side to open the Tasks view:


The Tasks view will show you all the tasks for your operation for that month. We will cover the details of this page in another article. For now, select +Add Task to begin creating a new task for your employees.


Selecting + Add Task will open the view to customize the task you want to create. Each field is defined below:

  1. Category - Category of the Task type. This will include Cloning, Feeding, Moving Batch, IPM, Plant Maintenance, Record Measurements, Transplanting, Trimming, Watering and Custom tasks.

  2. Recurrence - Set how often you'd like these tasks to repeat. You can choose repeating each week, or each month. Once you choose a Recurrence, you can set it to repeat each week or month, or you can set it to space across several weeks or months.

    On selecting a Recurrence, you will choose whether you want weeks or months. You will be able to choose the cadence of weeks and months that repeat, as well as the days of the week you want the task to recur.

  3. Due Date - Select the date you want the task to begin.

  4. Location - Select the room and facility you would like the task to be performed in.

  5. Batches - Select the batch you would like this task applied to.

  6. Team Members - Select the Team Members you want to have this task assigned. Team Members will still need to Start the task and Stop to complete.

  7. Description - Customizable field to enter specific steps or instructions related to this task. For example: Measurements for a feeding and nutrients, specific instructions for the room or specific directions for a custom task.

With all fields completed, the form will appear similar to this:


Select Save and this Task will be added to the calendar.

The task will appear on the days you have scheduled and will repeat until the recurrence ends. Keep in mind that you can always open a task to edit or delete it from the calendar view.

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